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Tomorrow’s business at your reach

At BI Expertise, we make the transformation towards Industry 4.0 accessible to organisations of all sizes. We support your organisation in integrating artificial intelligence and cloud technologies to help you propel your innovation and prepare tomorrow’s business.


The right governance framework, artificial intelligence technologies and big data are now essential tools for tomorrow’s success. At BI Expertise, we believe every organisation, whatever its size and nature, should have access to these assets as soon as possible.


Whether you intend to do business better for the common good or get more digital, transforming your organisation can be a complex endeavour. BI Expertise has built a multidisciplinary team of experts who support you with the needed services for this purpose.

Advise your organisation on matters of governance and ethics issues, as well as on its transformation strategy

Governance & Strategy

Help your organisation generate strategic information from large volumes of data

Big data


Advanced analytics

Assist your organisation in assuring that its resources, as well as its data, support your success

Performance analytics

Form partnerships around R&D and pilot projects, thanks to our resources in big data and AI technologies

BX Lab

Help your organisation create value by taking advantage of technologies

Digital transformation


3rd December 2018

Winning company of the 

2018 United-Kingdom and Canada AI Innovation Challenge

for Canada

UK-Canada AI Challenge_OpenCall.png
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