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Take a look at some of the projects we are have been working on as part of our service, product development or collaborative research and development partnerships.


Winner of the 2018 United-Kingdom and Canada AI Innovation Challenge for Canada

  • Modelling ice development on aerodynamic surfaces to optimise anti-icing systems;

  • Predictive maintenance of equipment;

  • Multiple autonomous unmanned vehicles and multiple vision sensors for non-destructive testing on composite surfaces;

  • Anomaly detection using unsupervised machine learning.

Security & defense
  • Heads-up and hands-free solution using augmented reality and voice recognition for operators in harsh environments.

Real-time monitoring of personnel & assets
  • Personnel monitoring and analysis using privacy compliant vision systems;

  • High value assets monitoring using machine learning.

  • Automatic solutions to identify invasive species in fields;

  • Spread of invasive weeds and plant diseases modeling;

  • Prescriptive solutions for growers to manage their fields;

  • Farm automation solutions;

  • etc.

Construction & building maintenance
  • Automatic fall detection solution;

  • Multiple sensors surface inspection systems;

  • Predictive/prescriptive maintenance systems;

  • Automatic building management;

  • etc.

Banking & insurance
  • Implementation of smart contracts using blockchain;

  • Client’s needs prediction and recommendation systems;

  • Fraud prevention using machine learning;

  • Digital assistants and process automation.

BX Lab

Form partnerships thanks to our resources in big data and AI

Do you want to develop an app or a pilot project using big data or artificial intelligence technologies? BI Expertise can help you with its R&D facilities, the BX Lab. Let's form a partnership to make your idea become reality!

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